General FAQ

  1. Holiday Support Schedule 2019

  2. Why is my web browser showing up as 'Not secure' when using REACH?

  3. How do I switch from a trial account to a full account?

  4. How do we change our plan level?

  5. What's the difference between full donor management and basic donor management?

  6. Can I allow certain admins access to only certain areas in REACH?

  7. How do I use your Retainer Service?

  8. What is the Projects module?

  9. What is the Pages module?

  10. What is the Places module?

  11. How do I hide a Place or location from showing on our public site?

  12. How do I update our main image and team images?

  13. Where can I add my Facebook Pixel code?

  14. How do I delete a supporter, sponsorship or sponsorship type?

  15. How do I update my REACH menu?

  16. Can we sort our items (donation categories, places and projects) in REACH?

  17. What's the difference between a Supporter Group and a Supporter Segment?

  18. What is the External Reference ID?

  19. How does the 'Mark as Current' option work?

  20. Can I stop some of the emails and notifications I am receiving?

  21. How do I update the Copyright date at the bottom of my site?

  22. How do I set up a form?

  23. Can we add a privacy policy page to our site?

  24. What is recorded under a supporter's activity tab?

  25. I'm having trouble logging in. Can you help?

  26. Why am I not seeing an Upload button to add a photo?

  27. What is the REACH Index and how is it calculated?

  28. Can I use my own domain name with REACH?

  29. How does REACH work with GDPR?

  30. How do I set up our online store to sell our products?

  31. What is the preferred browser to use with REACH?

  32. Why I have stopped receiving REACH emails after having an Out of Office auto-reply?

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