Knowledge Base

  1. API Documentation 

    1. Overview
    2. Example API Calls
    3. Read-Only API
    4. Sponsorship JSON Schema
    5. Campaign JSON Schema
  2. Campaigns FAQ 

    1. How do supporters start a fundraising campaign?
    2. How do I remove 'Start a Campaign?'
    3. Can I hide the donors list on a campaign page?
    4. Can a donor make an anonymous campaign donation?
  3. CSS Styling FAQ 

    1. How do I change the sponsorship number listed?
    2. Can I make updates to the donation page?
    3. Can we hide the 'Send a Gift' option?
    4. Can we remove the 'Make a Recurring Donation' check box?
  4. Donations FAQ 

    1. What is a 'Skipped' donation?
    2. Why is a donation marked as 'Incomplete?'
    3. How are pledges accounted for in REACH?
    4. How is the Past Due amount calculated?
    5. How do I manually enter in check donations each month?
  5. Email Templates FAQ 

    1. What is each email template used for?
    2. How do I generate mailing labels for all my supporters?
    3. How do I customize a failed transaction email?
    4. Can we use custom fonts in our Email/Mail Merge templates?
  6. General FAQ  

    1. Why is my web browser showing up as 'Not secure' when using REACH?
    2. How do I switch from a trial account to a full account?
    3. What's the difference between full donor management and basic donor management?
    4. Can I allow certain admins access to only certain areas in REACH?
    5. What is the Pages module?
  7. Getting Started 

    1. REACH Setup
    2. Setup Checklist
    3. Sponsorship Setup
    4. On Boarding Supporters
    5. Integrating REACH with your website
  8. How To Videos 

    1. General Account Settings
    2. Mail Merge and Email Templates
    3. Setting Up Text To Give
    4. Portal Set Up
    5. Admin Dashboard
  9. Imports FAQ 

    1. How do I import my sponsorships?
    2. How do I import my supporters?
    3. How do I import my donation history?
    4. Can I import multiple email addresses for a supporter?
    5. Can I use multiple names in the 'first_name' cell during import?
  10. Online Demo Recordings 

    1. REACH Online Demo Recordings
  11. Payments FAQ 

    1. What payment gateways work with REACH?
    2. Can I use Stripe and accept ACH/EFT payments?
    3. Why are my refunds not showing up in REACH?
    4. Will a free PayPal account work with REACH?
    5. Can we use a Square Reader device with REACH?
  12. Sponsorships FAQ 

    1. Can you explain sponsorship types and share types?
    2. How do I set up multiple sponsorships to charge as one transaction?
    3. A Sponsorship has left our program, how do I update the Supporter?
    4. Why is my new/updated sponsorship not displaying?
    5. How do I cancel a sponsorship?
  13. Supporters FAQ 

    1. How do I change a password for a supporter?
    2. How do I email all supporters?
    3. How do I update my supporters payment information?
    4. How do I unsubscribe someone from REACH?
    5. How do I resolve duplicate records?
  14. Text to Give FAQ 

    1. How do I set up a text blast to a specific group?
    2. Can I request a donation via text message from all my supporters?
    3. Are there any fees for Text to Give?
  15. Theme Design 

    1. REACH Themes Overview
    2. Menus and Forms
    3. Tags
    4. Objects
    5. Filters
  16. User Guide 

    1. Demo Videos
    2. Sponsorships
    3. Campaigns
    4. Donations
    5. Supporters
  17. All articles 

    1. REACH Themes Overview
    2. REACH Setup
    3. Demo Videos
    4. Overview
    5. How do I set up a text blast to a specific group?

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