Setup Checklist

We understand that you want to get up and running with REACH as soon as possible. Please use the step by step instructions below to guide you through the process of preparing for and launching your REACH account.

If you would like the staff of REACH to help with any part the setup process, please review our Start-Up Packages and contact us at

1) Document payment gateway credentials for your payment gateway. If you don't have one we recommend Stripe for it's ease of use.

2) If you are planning to import sponsorships into REACH gather the information below which you will use to build CSV import files later on.
i) Gather photos of sponsorships
ii) Gather a list of sponsorships from a database or spreadsheet
iii) Gather a list of supporters from a database or spreadsheet
iv) Gather a list of donations for supporters from a database or spreadsheet

3) Find your logo file so you can upload it to REACH.

4) If you use MailChimp, document your API Key, you will  need it to integrate with REACH. (Optional)

5) Signup for REACH at

6) You will receive a welcome email with login credentials to the Admin Console, log in to the Admin console.

7) Add your organization's address and phone number by clicking on the "Address & Phone Number Link".

8) Setup your payment gateway to accept donations,

9) Go to the Dashboard and click "Social & Google Analytics" and follow the instructions on the screen to set up the MailChimp integration. (Optional)

14) Inform current supporters of how they can access their account:

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