Integrating REACH with your website

There are two main approaches to integrating REACH with your current website. Below, each are describe in increasing order of technical difficulty.

If you would like the staff of REACH to help with any part the setup process, please review our Start-Up Packages and contact us at

Site Design and Linking

In this approach, we suggest that you link from your current website to your REACH portal where appropriate. For example, if you have a Sponsorships link in your menu, instead of pointing to the current Sponsorships page you would edit the menu link to point to the Sponsorships page on REACH. Similarly, you would create a link for people to start their own personal fundraising pages and point that link to the Campaigns page on REACH.

REACH gives you the ability to style your portal to match your brand and current website. You are able to add your logo, adjust colors, edit the CSS, build your own theme, and use a CNAME to create a seamless transition from your website to REACH.


REACH has a read-only JSON API that can be used to pull information from your REACH portal to display on your website. Most programming languages used for building websites have the ability to work with a JSON API to fetch and display information received in a JSON format. Your web designer will then have complete control over how to store and display your information on your current website.

View the documentation or contact our support team at for further instruction and examples on how this integration plan works.

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