Can we embed a Donation Form?

Can we embed a Donation Form?
Available on June 9, 2020

In some cases an organization may prefer to give the option of making a donation directly on a webpage asking for the donation without the supporter clicking through to the REACH Donation page.  

REACH offers an embedded donation form that can be added on any website page in which you have access to add HTML. The default donation form can be embedded as a 3-page click through process with the three steps being:  Donation Information, Personal Information, Billing Information

Here is a screenshot example of an embedded donation form:

You can view this sample page here: Emergency Relief Fund Example

- To access the HTML needed to embed the form on a webpage, go to Settings > Donation Categories in your REACH account.  
- Click on the blue "Create Custom Donation Form Link" button near the top right. 
- On the modal that appears, you can select the options needed for your form:
Purpose Type, Purpose, Amount, Fixed Amount, Recurring, Recurring Period and Fixed Recurring.  
Note: For a basic donation form embed - do not make any dropdown selections.
- Click the green Generate Link button near the bottom of the widow, and both the Custom Donation Form Link (url you can use to go directly to the donations page in your REACH portal with your options selected) and the Custom Embeddable Donation Form fields will populate as shown below:

- Copy the Custom Embeddable Donation Form code to paste into your website where you would like the embedded form to display.  

Please note: When using an embedded donation form, current supporters will not have the option to log in to access their payment information. However, if a current supporter uses the embedded form to make a donation, REACH will attempt to match the donation to an existing supporter account by email address.  

You can also embed any Donation Form you have created in REACH on a webpage.  For information on creating a donation form, visit our support article: How do I update my Donation Form page

To access your Donation Forms, go to Settings > Donation Forms.

Once you have a Donation Form ready for use, you can can click the Share button for that donation form.  A modal will load with both the Link (url you can use to go directly to the donation form in your REACH portal) and the Embed Code for the form.  
Please note: When embedding a Donation Form in a website, the full form is displayed, it is not broken into a 3-step process.  

You can view a sample page with a Donation Form embedded here: Emergency Relief Fund Example


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