Can we enable daily supporter updates?

Can we enable a daily supporter update to our supporters so they can receive details of any updates made to initiatives they support?

REACH includes a supporter update email that it is sent out daily, as needed, with details of any updates made by a REACH Admin to a sponsorship, project, place or other initiative that a supporter has previously donated to in an effort to keep them informed. 

This email is disabled by default (as of 2/2020) to cut back on the number of emails the REACH system sends to your supporters. 

When this feature is enabled, your Supporters have an option to personally turn off these emails by editing their supporter profile and selection "No" for their Contact Options.  

If you, as an organization, would like this email to be enabled for all supporters, complete the following steps:

- From your Admin Console, go to Settings
- Click on Account Rules
- Check the box to enable the Supporter Daily Digest Email
- Scroll down and click on Save Changes


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