How can I tell which of my Supporters have logged into REACH?

Is there a report I can generate in Reach that will tell me which of our supporters have not yet logged in to their accounts?

You can export your Supporter information to view the Last Visited date a supporter logged into their REACH account..

Here are two ways to view the information:

1. Go to your Supporter Module in REACH, do not do a Search for a Supporter, but instead, click the blue Export Supporter List button near the top.  This will give you several options for an Export.  Choose the Export Type of Excel - and then any other filter you would like if needed.
When you click Generate, a link to a spreadsheet will be emailed to you once ready.  The spreadsheet will include a column titled "Last Visited" that will display the date the supporter last logged on.  If the column is empty, the supporter has not logged in.

2. You can do a basic Export of All Supporters by going to the Reports Module, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and choosing "Supporter List" under the Exports area.  You will be emailed once the export is ready.

Please note: REACH tries to record the date a supporter last visits, however, we can not guarantee accuracy due to different browsers and settings a supporter may have in place for their browser settings.   


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