Why am I not receiving the copy of the email that I sent my supporter?

I am emailing my supporter directly from REACH and am copying or blind copying myself on these e-mails. However, I am not receiving the emails. How can I fix this?

Emails to you leave the REACH system at the same time as your copy or blind copy email. After the emails leave the REACH system, something is likely stopping it from getting to you. Please note that it can take up to an hour to receive emails from the REACH system. 

If you have not received the email after an hour, we suggest the following:

- Check your Spam and Junk folders to ensure the email is not there. 

Emails sent by REACH come from the REACH email address notifications@reachapp.co. We suggest adding this email as a trusted email address in your email settings to ensure emails come directly to your Inbox.

- On the left-hand side of your Admin Console, click on Communication > E-Mailings. 

All emails sent to your supporters directly from REACH will be shown here. 

- Click on the corresponding email in question.

If it was sent correctly, the email will show the date and time and the intended recipients.

- Verify that you did include yourself in the CC or BCC field of the e-mail.

-If you have checked all of the above and have not received the email, we do suggest following up with your supporter to ensure they received the email. 

Note: Some system emails sent to your Supporter are not blind copied to the REACH Account Email.  These include the "Forgot Password?" email, "Credit Card About To Expire" email, "Yearly Recurring Donation Notice" email, among others.  


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