How do supporters update their own information?

We would like to ask our supporters to verify/update their personal contact and payment information. Do you have instructions for this?

Have your supporters log in to the User site. The Users/Supporters login page will be similar to:

Once logged in, here's how they can update their contact information:

- Go to My Profile > Update Profile
- Scroll down to verify/update information
- Click Save Changes when complete

- They can Upload an Image of themselves that will also be used as their Profile Image on your Admin site (see article: Can I add a profile picture for a supporter?)
- Adding a mobile phone number will help ensure they receive any text messages you send using our Text to Give service 

To update payment information:

- Go to My Profile > Update Payment Information
- Update/Add credit card or checking account information on this secure page
- Click Submit when complete 

- The payment information entered is their primary payment information that will be used for all subsequent donations. 
- Debit card users may see a temporary charge of $1 due to this process; however, no funds will be transferred from their account.

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