Is there a way to ask new sponsors for an additional donation?

When a new supporter starts a new sponsorship, can we ask them for an additional donation to our general fund or a specific campaign or project?

Yes. When a supporter starts a new sponsorship, there is an option to add a field asking them for an additional donation upon checkout on the donation page. This is only available for new sponsorships and will be a recurring donation tied in with the sponsorship.

You can choose to have the additional donation funded to any donation category you have set up - a certain project, campaign or place for example. There's also a text field where you can describe your additional donation ask.

Here's how to set this up:

- Go to Settings > Account Rules
- Next to 'Ask new sponsors for additional donations towards', choose your donation category* from the drop down fields. 
*Donation Categories can be set up by going to Settings > Donation Category
- Add the text you wish to include in the 'Text for additional ask' 
- Add the amount you wish to be included in the 'Suggested extra donation amount' field. Leave at $0 if you don't want this amount automatically added to the cart total. 
**For example, if you put $5 as the suggested amount, $5 will be automatically added to the donation total which the new sponsor can manually change. If you do not want the amount automatically added to the total, leave this field at $0 for the new sponsor to add in the amount of their choice.
- Click on the green 'Save Changes' button when complete

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