How do I change the sponsorship number listed?

How do I change the sponsorship number listed to show only available sponsorships instead of all of the sponsorships available in my program?

- Go to Settings > Themes
- Edit Active Theme
- Edit Index Template
- Add the following div to the top of the template (the div will not display):

<div style="display:none;">
{% for sponsorship in account.available_sponsorships %}
  {% if sponsorship.shares_available > 0 %}
    {% increment sponsorship_need %}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

You will also need to update the display of the sponsorship count to show the new sponsorship_need count by updating the {{ account.sponsorships | size }} object.

Find and update the line:

h2 data-count="{{ account.sponsorships | size }}">{{ account.sponsorships | size }}</h2>


<h2 data-count="{{ sponsorship_need }}">{{ sponsorship_need }}</h2>

When complete, click on the green Update Template button. 

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