Can I import multiple email addresses for a supporter?

We have multiple email addresses on file for several of our supporters. Will the system allow the import of multiple email addresses?

REACH allows only one email address for a supporter on the Supporter Import Template. However, multiple email addresses can be added using the Email Address Import Template after you have uploaded your supporters.

The email that imports on the Supporter Import Template is considered the primary email address and must be unique for each supporter. Two supporters cannot share a primary email address. If you include two supporters on your import with the same email address, the first record will be overwritten by the second record.

Once you have completed and uploaded the Supporter Import Template, you can use the Email Address Import Template to add the additional email addresses to your supporter's account. The emails uploaded using this template do not have to be unique.

- Go to Data Setup > Data Import/Export > Email Address Import Template
- The supporter_permalink field should be either the primary email address or the supporter_permalink.
- Use the type and email_address fields to add the additional email addresses
- Save the file as a standard .CSV file (not CSV UTF-8)
- Next to Import Type, select Supporter Email Addresses
- Choose File
- Click on green 'Import Data' button 

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