PCI Transfer

To begin a PCI Transfer of payment information to REACH, you must contact your current payment gateway directly to request and initiate the process. It is up to the payment gateway to accept the request and initiate the PCI transfer.  

*REACH cannot contact your payment gateway on your behalf. Your organization must contact and request the transfer.  

Here are the steps you'll need to take:

1. Contact your payment gateway and let them know you are working with REACH and need to transfer your payment information to Spreedly. Here is the text we recommend you send: 

Hello {Name of Payment Gateway},

I am working with REACH and would like to export all my payment methods to Spreedly, a PCI level 1 payment vault.  When the export is ready, please send the export to myself and support@spreedly.com and reference my merchant name, Sugar Maple Interactive LLC. 

*For more information on the transfer, visit: https://docs.spreedly.com/guides/migrating/one-time/
*You can find Spreedly's AOC and latest scan here: https://spreedly.com/pci.
*Here is Spreedly's public key, which you can use to encrypt the export: https://docs.spreedly.com/guides/migrating/one-time/#pgp

Thank you!
{Organization Name}

2. Contact REACH Support at support@reachapp.co to let us know you have started the process. 

3. Once the data has been transferred to Spreedly, REACH should be contacted by Spreedly. When you receive notification from Spreedly, please also contact REACH to ensure we are aware it has been transferred. 

4. Provide REACH with the file of the supporter's information from your payment gateway that includes the Customer ID field used by your payment gateway. Once REACH has this file information, we will connect the payment information to the correct supporter. 


There is a fee from REACH for the PCI transfer/setup due to the time it takes us to process the file and update your supporter information. The normal fee is 2 hours at $200 but could vary. If varied, we will notify you.The hours needed for the transfer must be purchased before the process can begin in REACH. You will receive information on how to request the hours and make payment. 

Once you contact your Payment Gateway and the process is started, it can take up to 5-7 business days for the file to be sent to REACH. Once the file has been received, we will update you.  

After the transfer has been completed, you will need to start the sponsorship payments within REACH. Read our article: "Starting Sponsorship Payments after a PCI Transfer" to learn how. 

Spreedly allows for one PCI transfer from a merchant account.  If an additional transfer is needed, Spreedly will charge a fee ($550) for additional imports for merchant accounts coming from the same source.  For the additional transfer, your organization will need to cover this fee, on top of the 2 hour ($200) fee charged by REACH to process the file and update supporter information.

If you are being asked for more PCI documentation (by your bank or payment processor, for example), please email us at support@reachapp.co. We will provide you with documents that cover REACH's PCI compliance from the point of the donor on the donation page to the payment gateway.


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