REACH Events

Event Management System

REACH includes a built-in Event Management System to help you plan and manage your volunteer event, formal gala, 5k race or any other event you need. Events embed into your website or your REACH portal and tie directly into your supporter's records for one integrated, seamless experience.

To get started, click on Events on the left-hand column in your Admin Console.

From this page, you can view all of your Events, past and present. The buttons next to each Event listed allow you to edit, share, create an e-mailing or delete your events.

Click on View Calendar to see your events shown on a monthly calendar.

To create a New Event, click on +New Event.

Under Event Details, add your Title, your Start and End date and time, add an image and write your description. Check Disable if you want to hide this Event from your Public Events Page, and check All Day is the event will be held for the entire day.

Click on the Ticket Options tab to give your ticket options a Title, enter in the Quantity of tickets available, when sales start and end, the minimum and maximum number of tickets per order (if desired), the price of your ticket and the Ticket Type. You can choose for tickets to be Free or select Pay in Full (requiring full payment upfront), Deposit (a deposit is required to obtain a ticket), or Payment Plan (tickets can be paid for in recurring payments in which you select the number of installments required). As you’ll see, we also allow you to include a Tax Deductible Amount and a Taxable amount.

A Payment Plan is set to recur monthly. For example, if a trip is $5,000, you can set up a Payment Plan with a recurring payment of $2,500 that recurs twice. The total will be $5,000. The first $2,500 will be charged when a supporter registers, the second $2,500 will be charged a month later.

For a Deposit Ticket, the full amount can be shown, such as $5,000 with a deposit required of a set amount, for example, $250.

Note: The system will not notify someone when a payment is due. If it is set up as a payment plan, the payment(s) would recur. If it is set up as a Deposit, an Admin can email from the system. 

Click on Admin only if you’d only like the Ticket Option to only be accessible by an Admin. For example, maybe you’d like an Admin to manually enter in all of your tickets that are on a Payment Plan or that require a deposit.

If you have more than one Ticket Option available, click on +Add Ticket for each new ticket option you’d like to have.

The Custom Form Fields tab allows you to select any amount of data you’d like to capture when a person signs up for your Event. As shown above, some available fields are First and Last Name, Email, Phone, Amount of Members in a particular Group, Shirt Size, Dinner Entrée selection, a Notes field, etc. Your options here are endless. 

Next to each field, you can check the Required box if each person must fill out that field.

To reorder your list of fields, simply drag them up or down to show them listed as you desire.

Once complete, click on the Create Event button.

Above is an example of how your Event will look on your public page. As shown, Events can be found under About Us > Events.

You’ll see that the date and time is listed as well as the description for this ‘Annual Donor Appreciation Banquet.’ To Register, attendees will need to click on the red Register button at the top-right of the page.

When an attendee clicks on Register, above is the form that will come up. For this example, attendees will include their name, choose their dinner entrée selection and choose the type of tickets as set up under Ticket Options. The ’21 remaining’ is because the Admin set up a maximum number of tickets available.

Once they click Register, they will be taken to a cart-type page where they can verify the information is correct and then click Checkout.

Upon clicking Checkout, they’ll be taken to the payment page that mirrors your organization’s general donation page. Here, they will complete their registration by entering their payment details.

When someone registers and pays, a donation email is sent but an automatic confirmation email is not sent.

Note: If you only want registration information, you can set up a Custom Form (Admin Console Left-Hand Column - Data Setup > Custom Forms). By using a Custom Form, you can send a Confirmation Message. However, you can not take payment with a Custom Form. You can send a link to a supporter for payment once a custom form is received and reviewed.    

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