General Account Settings


Let's review some settings important settings for your account which you should check and set after signing up for a REACH trail.  

Your REACH welcome letter will include information on how to access your new REACH admin area.  

To complete your set up - click the gear icon near the top right of your browser window for Settings.

- First you should review your Account Email located under Account Settings.  
REACH will send email notifications to your supporters on your behalf.  These include emails for when a donation is made, a new sponsorship has been created and other activities.  The emails sent will be blind copied to the email we have listed as your account email.  This email will also be listed as the reply to email on the notifications sent out.  You can update this email as needed from your Account settings.
A list of emails that are sent from the system on your behalf can be found on our support site:

- Next, let’s review your Admin Users
With REACH you can set up as many Admin Users as needed.  Each Admin can choose what emails they would like to be blind copied on.  On our Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus Plans you can set up different permissions for your Admins.  To set up permissions and notifications, click an Admins name.  You can turn on and off different Module Permissions by clicking the Give Access checkbox.  You can also limit information to Read Only for an admin.  Once done, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to Save your Changes.  

When taking in donations, you can set up an additional donation amount  asking your supporter to give a little extra to help cover your transaction fees.  For example, on our the donation page of our demo site, you can se we are asking to donate 2.9% + 30 cents more to cover our fees.  A supporter does have the option to uncheck this if they choose.  Your organization can set the percentage and cost needed to cover your fees.  To update the amount, go to Settings / Donation Setup.  If you do not want to show a fee, simply clear both amounts and save your changes.  

You must set up a Payment Gateway to use with REACH.  REACH works with over 100+ Payment Gateways.  You can view the available payment gateways on the Donations Setup page by scrolling down to the Payment Gateway Setup.  Choose your payment gateway of choice and fill in the requested information.  Once you have set up a payment gateway and save the page, the information you filled in will be removed for your security but the Current Payment Gateway: will be updated to list the gateway you set up.  We recommend once setting a payment gateway to do a test donation through your REACH site.  

For more information on General Setup, make sure to visit our Support Site

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