How do I set up a recurring sponsorship for a supporter?

As an admin, how do I set up a recurring sponsorship for a supporter?

An admin can set up a Supporter / Sponsorship relationship from the Sponsorship record in a few easy steps:
1. Go to the Sponsorship Module and search for the sponsorship the supporter would like to sponsor.

- To start a New Sponsorship, click the green 'View Sponsors' icon to the right of the sponsorship listing.
Or, you can click on the title of the sponsorship and click the 'View All Sponsors' button under the Current Sponsors area.  

2. To create the new Supporter / Sponsorship relationship, click the green 'New Sponsor' button.

3. If the sponsorship will be paid automatically via Credit/Debit card, leave the Payment Type as Online.
You can choose Offline for sponsorships that will be paid via Check/Cash/Manual Card and managed in REACH.

- Choose the Share Type for the sponsorship.
- For the Supporter text box, if the supporter is already in you REACH system, simply start typing their name and choose the correct supporter once they are listed. If they are a new supporter not in your system, you can enter their information by clicking the blue 'New Supporter' button.  
- Click the green Create Button

4. You will then be taken to the Cart page (unless you have chosen to bypass the cart). Confirm the information is correct and then click Checkout to complete the donation process. 

5. The start date will default to the current date. An admin can choose a future start date for the sponsorship if needed. The supporter will be considered a sponsor even if the first payment is set to a future date.  

- Select your payment type. 
- Keep checked or uncheck box for covering transaction fees. 
- Keep the box checked to make a recurring donation. 
- Review other available options. 
- Click on the Create button. 

6. If you chose the payment type of Online, once you click the green Create button, you MUST choose to either use the card on file for the supporter or enter/change payment method to finish the setup.  If you leave the page without choosing one of these options, the sponsorship will not be set up and payments will not be made. 

Once an ongoing sponsorship has been set up for a supporter, you can see the recurring donation information listed for the supporter on their Supporters Page under the Donations tab.

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