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  1. A Sponsorship has left our program, how do I update the Supporter?

  2. Admin Dashboard

  3. Are there any fees for Text to Give?

  4. Campaign JSON Schema

  5. Campaigns

  6. Can a donor make an anonymous campaign donation?

  7. Can a supporter give only a portion of a share for a sponsorship?

  8. Can I add a profile picture for a supporter?

  9. Can I allow certain admins access to only certain areas in REACH?

  10. Can I change the order of our Sponsorships on our public site?

  11. Can I hide or disable a sponsorship?

  12. Can I hide the donors list on a campaign page?

  13. Can I import multiple email addresses for a supporter?

  14. Can I make updates to the donation page?

  15. Can I put a sponsorship on hold? How do I cancel a scheduled payment without cancelling the sponsorship?

  16. Can I rename 'share' under the sponsorship level dropdown?

  17. Can I request a donation via text message from all my supporters?

  18. Can I stop some of the emails and notifications I am receiving?

  19. Can I use multiple names in the 'first_name' cell during import?

  20. Can I use my own domain name with REACH?

  21. Can I use Stripe and accept ACH/EFT payments?

  22. Can we add a privacy policy page to our site?

  23. Can we bypass the cart so our supporters go directly to the donation page?

  24. Can we display only unsponsored children?

  25. Can we do a bulk update on a custom field to advance grade and/or age?

  26. Can we hide a search dropdown option (Status, Location, Type or Category) when searching for Sponsorships?

  27. Can we hide the 'Send a Gift' option?

  28. Can we hide the Cancel button next to My Sponsorships?

  29. Can we remove the 'Make a Recurring Donation' check box?

  30. Can we sort our items (donation categories, places and projects) in REACH?

  31. Can we use a Square Reader device with REACH?

  32. Can we use custom fonts in our Email/Mail Merge templates?

  33. Contribution Statement Guide

  34. Custom Fields (Categories)

  35. Demo Videos

  36. Does a supporter get notified if a credit card transaction fails?

  37. Does REACH have a Gift Aid option?

  38. Does REACH offer in-kind donations, soft credits, matching gifts?

  39. Donations

  40. Example API Calls

  41. Filters

  42. General Account Settings

  43. Holiday Support Schedule 2019

  44. How are pledges accounted for in REACH?

  45. How do I add my organization's branding (logo, font, colors)?

  46. How do I add my organization's details (Name, Email, Website, Address, Plan, Payment)?

  47. How do I add our admins?

  48. How do I cancel a sponsorship?

  49. How do I change a password for a supporter?

  50. How do I change the sponsorship number listed?

  51. How do I convert a Legacy (Offline) Sponsorship to Online?

  52. How do I create email templates?

  53. How do I customize a failed transaction email?

  54. How do I delete a supporter, sponsorship or sponsorship type?

  55. How do I display a sponsorship's age or date of birth on our public portal?

  56. How do I edit the date for a recurring sponsorship?

  57. How do I email all supporters?

  58. How do I find my API Secret Key for Stripe?

  59. How do I fix a recurring sponsorship that was set up incorrectly and is now showing as past due?

  60. How do I generate mailing labels for all my supporters?

  61. How do I hide a Place or location from showing on our public site?

  62. How do I import my donation history?

  63. How do I import my sponsorships?

  64. How do I import my supporters?

  65. How do I import supporters who sponsor more than one sponsorship?

  66. How do I manually enter in check donations each month?

  67. How do I remove 'Start a Campaign?'

  68. How do I remove the additional transaction fees shown on the Donation Page?

  69. How do I resolve duplicate records?

  70. How do I set up a form?

  71. How do I set up a recurring sponsorship for a supporter?

  72. How do I set up a text blast to a specific group?

  73. How do I set up multiple sponsorships to charge as one transaction?

  74. How do I set up my payment gateway?

  75. How do I set up our online store to sell our products?

  76. How do I setup Sponsorship and Share Types?

  77. How do I start and stop using Conversations (Messages)?

  78. How do I switch from a trial account to a full account?

  79. How do I unsubscribe someone from REACH?

  80. How do I update my REACH menu?

  81. How do I update my supporters payment information?

  82. How do I update our main image and team images?

  83. How do I update the Copyright date at the bottom of my site?

  84. How do I use your Retainer Service?

  85. How do supporter's update their own information?

  86. How do supporters start a fundraising campaign?

  87. How do we change our plan level?

  88. How do we customize our email and mail merge templates?

  89. How do we make a one-time donation using a different credit card than on file?

  90. How do we merge two supporter accounts?

  91. How do we set up our Account Rules?

  92. How do we setup our Donation Categories?

  93. How do we setup our Online Donations?

  94. How do we stop email notifications to our supporters?

  95. How does REACH work with GDPR?

  96. How does the 'Mark as Current' option work?

  97. How is the Past Due amount calculated for yearly donations?

  98. How is the Past Due amount calculated?

  99. How will REACH respond to supporters who don't match the regular share amount?

  100. I'm having trouble logging in. Can you help?

  101. If I archive a conversation (message), will it still show for the supporter?

  102. Integrating REACH with your website

  103. Is there a way to ask new sponsors for an additional donation?

  104. Mail Merge

  105. Mail Merge and Email Templates

  106. MailChimp Setup

  107. Managing Recurring Donations

  108. Menus and Forms

  109. Multi-Currency: Beta Release

  110. Objects

  111. On Boarding Supporters

  112. On-boarding Email

  113. Operators

  114. Overview

  115. Pagination

  116. PCI Transfer

  117. Place JSON Schema

  118. Portal Set Up

  119. Project JSON Schema

  120. QuickBooks Export

  121. REACH Events

  122. REACH Online Demo Recordings

  123. REACH Setup

  124. REACH Themes Overview

  125. Read-Only API

  126. Setting Up A Sponsorship Program - Part 1

  127. Setting Up A Sponsorship Program - Part 2

  128. Setting Up A Sponsorship Program - Part 3

  129. Setting Up A Sponsorship Program - Part 4

  130. Setting Up Text To Give

  131. Setup Checklist

  132. Sponsorship Filter

  133. Sponsorship JSON Schema

  134. Sponsorship Setup

  135. Sponsorships

  136. Starting Sponsorship Payments after a PCI Transfer

  137. Supporter Module

  138. Supporters

  139. Tags

  140. Text To Give

  141. Transfer Supporter Payment Information into REACH

  142. What do we do when a supporter is deceased?

  143. What happens with recurring donations on Campaigns?

  144. What is a 'Skipped' donation?

  145. What is each email template used for?

  146. What is recorded under a supporter's activity tab?

  147. What is the External Reference ID?

  148. What is the optimal size for sponsorship photos?

  149. What is the Pages module?

  150. What is the Places module?

  151. What is the preferred browser to use with REACH?

  152. What is the Projects module?

  153. What is the REACH Index and how is it calculated?

  154. What payment gateways work with REACH?

  155. What's the difference between a Supporter Group and a Supporter Segment?

  156. What's the difference between full donor management and basic donor management?

  157. When successfully re-processing a donation, why am I receiving an error in the admin note?

  158. Where can I add my Facebook Pixel code?

  159. While setting up our program, can we disable all communication to our supporters?

  160. Why am I not seeing an Upload button to add a photo?

  161. Why am I receiving an error when trying to link my existing images during import?

  162. Why are my refunds not showing up in REACH?

  163. Why can't I see my custom field for sponsorships?

  164. Why can't I update my supporter's information without getting an error message?

  165. Why I have stopped receiving REACH emails after having an Out of Office auto-reply?

  166. Why is a donation marked as 'Incomplete?'

  167. Why is my new/updated sponsorship not displaying?

  168. Why is my supporter not receiving emails?

  169. Why is my web browser showing up as 'Not secure' when using REACH?

  170. Will a free PayPal account work with REACH?

  171. Will REACH reject sponsorships that are 'over sponsored' during import?

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