Managing Recurring Donations

Under Reports there is a report called Recurring Donation Report that gives you the ability to quickly find failed recurring donations and take action if needed.

To get started select your date range and whether you want to find all recurring donations, complete, refunded, or failed. When you click “Search” a list of recurring donations will be returned which you can export, use with a mail merge or view details. This report only displays recurring donations. Use the Donation Details Report to search all donation records.

If you click on View Details you will see a screen that shows the standard information like supporter, purpose, and amount.

You will also see a section at the bottom of the screen that shows the steps in the recurring donation process. This information is useful when determining if a donation was completed or if any failures were detected between REACH and your payment gateway. For example, if REACH attempted to charge the payment gateway but nothing was returned then you should check the payment gateway to see if the donation completed. If it did, you can click “Mark Complete” and REACH will mark the donation as complete and schedule the next run. If the donation failed but you believe the card on file is valid, you can click “Re-process Recurring” and REACH will attempt to charge the card again.

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