Contribution Statement Guide

REACH offers a Contribution Statement Report that will let you email your supporters (who have an email address on file) an email with an attached PDF statement.

Here’s how:

1. Create a Contribution Statement Mail Merge Template
To use the export and email feature, you will first need to create a Contribution Statement Mail Merge template.

To create the template, go to Settings > Mail Merge Templates and click the copy button for the example Contribution Statement. You can update the template with your logo, add footer content, insert any desired account, donation or supporter fields, and include any wording you’d like (HTML knowledge required).

Please note, the Title must start with "Contribution Statement" for the system to recognize the template as a contribution statement and allow for selection when creating statements by Export or from a Supporter's Record.  You can update the name of the Mail Merge - but it must start with "Contribution Statement".  
For example: Contribution Statement - End Of Year

*Multiple templates can be created. Be sure to only check the Grant Supporter Access box for the template you want set as your default Contribution Statement template as this will be the one used when supporters login and download their own statements. 

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*Each Contribution Statement generated can include a unique Statement ID number. These will be in sequential order and can be added by including the tag {{ statement_id }} to your mail merge template. (Updated May 2019)

**You are able to set the starting point for the Statement ID/receipt number. For example, you can set the starting point as the year, so your receipts for 2019 can start as 2019001. To do so:

- Go to Settings > Donation Setup
- Click on the Contribution Statement Tab
- Type in the starting ID in the number field (the year, for example)
- Click Save Changes 

2. Export your Contribution Statements
Once the template is ready, you can create an export to send out your contribution statements.

To do so, go to Donations > Export Contribution Statements (you can also navigate here by going to Data Setup > Data Import/Export > Exports tab > Contribution Statements). Here, you can select the date range and a Template (the Contribution Statement template) you just created.

3. Review your Contribution Statements

If you leave the ‘Send via email to supporter?’ checkbox unchecked, a PDF will be created and a link will be sent to you, as an admin, so you can download and review the statements. You can then go back in and select to send the emails out after review.

4. Send your Contribution Statements

With the ‘Send via email to supporter’ email option selected, a PDF will be attached to the email sent to your supporters. You will also have the ability to include a generic email message. The email sent will include your logo, the message you enter and the supporter’s contribution statement attached as a PDF.

A few things to note:

*The ‘Include all supporters in household’ checkbox will have each supporter’s donations from the same household included in one contribution statement.

*When using the Send via email option, once you click the Submit button for the export, the emails are automatically sent from the REACH system to any supporter on file with an email address who made any donations during the date range you selected (this year, for example).

*The emails go out in batches (approximately 500 at a time) and will be delivered in a timely manner. 

*You cannot stop the emailing once you have submitted the export.

*REACH attempts to send all contribution statements for the date range via email to your supporters. For any supporters that do not have an email address on file, REACH will send you, as the admin, an email with the PDF containing those supporter’s contributions statements as well as mailing labels.

*Any time a Contribution Statement is generated, the system will list it in the Activity field under each Supporter's record. This will include the Statement ID, start and end date and a downloadable PDF for all statements also generated at the same time.

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