You can view, add, and edit Campaigns through your Admin Console. The Campaign Page gives a quick overview of all campaigns, including ones created online by supporters and ones entered manually through the Campaign console. 

On the bottom of the Campaigns page (example shown below), all recent campaigns including those made through the site and added manually are shown.

Clicking on the Campaigns name will take you the details of the campaign.  Clicking on a Supporters Name will take you to their Supporters page. 

You can edit a campaign by clicking on the edit pencil .  If you would like to create a message about the campaign that will appear on your REACH website, click the message envelope .  To send an email about the campaign, click the email paper plane .

New Campaigns:
Click the New Campaigns button to manually input a campaign. 

From here you fill in the Title for the Campaign and can choose the Campaign Theme to help get you started.   You must fill in a short description for the campaign.  Other Optional options include Goal Amount, Terms, Gifts, Projects, Locations, Sponsorship, and more.  Gifts be added for a campaign by clicking on the Gifts button.  Here you can upload an image of the gift along with its title, price and description.  To add more than one gift, simply click the Add a Gift button again.  Projects, Locations, and Sponsorship are available as a drop down list choice.  They must be set up in their separate admin areas.  The New Campaigns form also includes an editor to tell your supporters the purpose of the Campaign.  You can add images, links and formatting to visually enhance your message. 

Make sure to click the green Create button once you have finished entering the information for the New Campaign.  

Export Campaigns:
Clicking the Export Campaigns button gives you a comma delimited csv file of all Campaigns you can copy and paste into a text editor.  From there, you can import the file into a spreadsheet or other application that accepts csv files.  The following is provided (in order):
Title, Supporter, Email, Address1, Address2, City, State, Postal, Country, Phone, Parent, Deadline, Donations, Raised, Goal, Percentage Raised.

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