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Custom Fields allows you to track and save additional data within REACH. Custom Field records are greatly varied according to your organization's desired data. Some examples could include a custom field for when children have been vaccinated, their grade in school, or when they last received a letter from their sponsor. You can track and save this data, along with any other data you need, by adding custom fields.

To begin setting up your Custom Fields, click on the + sign next to Data Setup and click on Custom Fields.

Custom fields can be added for projects, places, campaigns and supporters in addition to sponsorships. Custom tables can also be set up that can store historical information about each subject. These fields will be visible to administrators and will show up when viewing the record in the web interface, in reports and exports. There is no limit of the number of custom fields or tables you can add.

To create a new Custom Field, click on the green + New Field button.

Fill in a Title for your record, then click on the drop down Referral type to select which piece of data the new field should be added to. To show the new Custom Field in the Admin Console or to Sponsors only, click either or both check boxes. 

It is very important to select the Type of Data the new Custom Field will hold. Choices include Text, Number, Date, Select, Long Text, and Table:

  • Text would be a short text field and would hold information such as a Nickname. Long Text should be selected for a string of text – such as a sentence or paragraph. 
  • Number fields are used for numbers such as Age.
  • To create a Gender Field (or other field where selection of choices are presented) choose the Select Type, then you will have the option to select choice such as Male and Female. 
  • A Table can be created to hold a historical list of information. 
When you have filled out a Title and Type of Data, click the green Create button to create the new Custom Field.

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