REACH has easy-to-use tools to transfer your supporters from your previous system into REACH and get them involved.
Under the Data Import section of the Admin Console you will find a template to import your supporter records from your previous system.
For more information on Onboarding Supporters – see the Onboarding Supporters Document


You can view all Supporters and update Supporter Information by accessing your Supporters Page.  Click on the ♥ Supporters option in your Admin Console screen. 
The Supporters Page gives a quick overview of all supporters, including ones who signed up online and ones entered manually. 

On the bottom of the Supporters page, supporters may be viewed in order of Name, Permalink, and Supporter Since.  To search for a supporter by name, email, or address, enter the information into the search area and click on the Search button.  To clear the search and show all supporters, click on the Clear Search button. 
Click on the Supporters Name to go to their Supporter Page with detailed information about the Supporter.  Click on a Supporters Email to send an email to the supporter.   
You can edit supporter information by clicking on the edit pencil .  Name, email, address, and phone number may be edited.  After you have updated the information, click the Save Changes button. 
To manually change a password, click on the reset password lock .  A suggested password option is available for use.  Click the Suggested Password button to automatically fill the field options and click the Rest Password button.  Or you can fill in the password of your choice.  Once you have filled in your password, make sure to click the Reset Password button.
To update payment information, click on the update payment information card .  Once payment information has been updated, click the Update Payment Details button.
Please Note: Debit card users may see a temporary charge of $1 due to this process; however, no funds will be transferred from your account.
New Supporter:
Click the New Supporter button to manually input a supporter.

From here you can fill in information for your new supporter.  Click the Create button at the bottom of the form when you have finished to save the supporter’s information and be taken back to the main Supporters page. 
The Supporter you just entered will appear on the Supporters page.
Quick Tip: Worried about duplicate entries?  Only one entry per email address is allowed.  If you enter an existing email into the Email field on the New Supporter form, a New Supporter will NOT be created.  Instead, once you click the Create button, you will be taken to the Supporter Page belonging to the email address and will see the message: “Email has already been used with this supporter.”

Resolve Duplicates:
Duplicate entries can not be made when the email address given is one already have in the system.  However, a supporter can be duplicated if a different email is used to sign up.  To check for and resolve duplicates, click on the Resolve Duplicates button.

Supporter information is checked by address and phone number.  If any suspected duplicates exist, the supporter’s information will be listed.
In the example (see below), the suspected duplicate entry has the same address but different emails. 
If you would like to remove the duplicate, click the Merge check box and then click Submit.

Export Supporter List:
Clicking the Export Supporter List button gives you a comma delimited csv file of all supporters you can copy and paste into a text editor.  From there, you can import the file into a spreadsheet or other application that accepts csv files.  The following is provided (in order):
Name, Email, Phone, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Postal, Country, Contact Preference, Last Visited, Supporter Since. 

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