REACH accepts online and offline donations. For online donations, we provide several options to customize your supporter’s donation experience which can be accessed and edited under Settings (gear icon) / Donation Setup. 

For more information on Donation Setup – see the Getting Started Guide.
You can view all Donations and and Donations manually by accessing your Donations Page.  Click on the $ Donations option on the left navigation screen. 
The Donations Page gives a quick overview of all donations, including ones made online and ones entered manually.  You can easily see the Donations, Fees and Total Transaction of all Completed Donations.

On the bottom of the Donations page (example shown below), all recent donations including those made through the site and added manually are shown.  You may select to see All donations or use the tabs to filter through Complete, Incomplete, Error, or Refund.  Clicking on the Donor’s Name will take you to their Supporters page. 
You can also delete and edit donations by clicking on the delete trash can  or edit pencil
Quick Tip – need to send a receipt of the donation? Click the Printer Button  for a pdf receipt you can print out or attach to an email. 

New Donation:
Click the New Donation button to manually input a donation.

From here you can select the Supporter (or add a New Supporter), Date of the Donation, Purpose of the Donation, Payment Type, and Amount of the Donation.  You may also select different options from check boxes, none of which are required. 
Click the Create Button at the bottom of the form when you have finished to save the donation and be taken back to the main Donations page. 
The Donation you just entered will appear on the Donations page. 

Download Donations:
Clicking the Download Donations button gives you a common delimited csv file of all donations you can copy and paste into a text editor.  From there, you can import the file into a spreadsheet or other application that accepts csv files.  The following is provided (in order):
Date, User, Email, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Postal, Country, Phone, Status, Payment Type, Purpose, Affiliate, Note, Confirmation ID, Tax Deductible, Donated Amount, Transaction Fees, Total Amount. 

Donation Details Report:
If you need to further refine a Donation report, you can click the Donations Details Report button to view and download details of Donations.

From here you can customize your Donation Report by Date Range, Affiliate, and/or Purpose.  In the example shown below, All donations for All Projects are being shown.  You can filter the report down to a select project over a certain date range as needed.  Once you have chosen your filters, click Search.  You can then download your report as an Excel Spread Sheet by clicking the Export to Excel button.  This will create an excel .xls file that directly downloads to your computer. 

Export Giving Statement:
To create Giving Statements for your Sponsors, click on the Export Giving Statement button.  Here you can specify a date range and a PDF Giving Statement will be generated for each supporter who donated during the date range. You can print, mail, and/or email these forms as your official giving statements.

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