You can access your back-office administrative console (admin console) by typing “/admin” after your REACH portal address. Your public portal is and your admin console would be found at All areas discussed below are found under the Settings tab in the top right of the console.

If you would like the staff of REACH to help with any part the setup process, please review our Start-Up Packages and contact us at

Account Settings

Under Account Settings, you will enter all of your organization’s account details such as address, website, phone number, etc. The email address you enter will be used as a catchall email address for REACH. This email address will be copied on all email correspondence that REACH sends out to your supporters. We suggest you use a generic organization email address like For your account the current email address is

Under Payment Information, you will also find a section to enter your payment information. REACH requires a valid credit or debit card to charge invoices to each month. Invoices will contain the hosting fee and any transaction fees that have been accrued over the previous month. Below the details section is where you will find your invoice history.

Administrative Users

With your REACH account, you get unlimited administrative users for the admin console in REACH.

To setup your administrators go to Settings > Admin Users. There, you can edit current administrators and create new administrators. Administrators require a name, email, and password. Optionally you can subscribe administrators to email notifications that REACH sends out using the Notification Center.

Domain Names

You can use your own domain name in REACH. Simply create a CNAME with your current Domain Name Registrar (GoDaddy, 1and1, Network Solutions, etc.) pointing to your public REACH portal address, Then, enter the CNAME information in the form on the page. Once the new CNAME is working, click the "Make Primary" button next to that domain name and all traffic to your public portal will be redirected to that address.

Donation Setup

REACH accepts online and offline donations. For online donations, we provide you with several options to customize your supporter’s donation experience. Organizations who want to accept EFT donations from donor's checking or savings accounts should use Vanco or as their payment gateway.

Suggested Additional Donation Amount

REACH gives you the ability to ask donors to add an extra amount to their donation to help your organization cover the costs associated with accepting online donations. You can add a flat amount, percentage amount, or a combination of both. The user will then see that amount on the donation page, as shown below, with the option to uncheck a box if they do not want to give the additional amount.

Payment Gateway Setup

In this section, you need to enter the credentials of your organization’s payment gateway. This information is required in order to accept online donations. REACH supports over 100 payment gateways.

Donation Thank You Message

This is the message that is included on the screen when a donor completes their donation and is included in their email receipt. You can add any text or images you would like using the WYSISWYG editor.

Giving Options

Giving options allow you to create additional “buckets” for donors to choose from on the donation page. These can be used to earmark donations for things like a capital campaign, staff salaries, etc. You can setup options that are for taxable or tax-deductible gifts as well as hidden options that are online and available via specific URLs listed on the page.

Public giving options will be displayed in the donation purpose dropdown, as seen below, under the “Categories” header:

Campaign Themes

Campaign themes give you the capability to customize your supporter’s experience when creating their own personal fundraising campaigns. This is in addition to the generic campaign themes like donating your birthday or setting up a matching campaign. Other options that you may want to setup are themes like mission trips or end-of-year campaigns. Further documentation is available in the admin console.

Portal Design

When it comes to customizing the look and feel of your REACH portal, you have a host of options available to you.

Base Settings

In this area, you can set what the homepage can be for your portal, whether it is the default Overview screen or you can direct supporters directly to the Projects, Places, Campaigns or Sponsorships pages.

You can also change the terms used in dealing with Projects, Places, Campaigns or Sponsorships. For example, some organizations may refer to Places as their “Locations” or Campaigns may need to be called “Fundraisers.” All of this can be changed as well as your SEO and Social Media Integrations on the Base Settings page.

In the overviews, under base settings, you can add information that pertains to the area of interest and your organization. For example in the Sponsorships Overview you can add content about how your sponsorship programs are structured and where the money will go. You can also add images and other media in the WYSIWYG editor. Simply go to the Media section under Content in the left menu and upload videos, pictures and documents then use the  button to link to the media or any other web address and the  button to insert images into the editor.

Site Design

Use the site design page to update basic design details like your organization’s logo, link colors, default fonts, etc. These settings are useful to the graphic design staff that in charge of your organization’s brand and website.

CSS Editor

If your graphic design staff requires additional ways to customize the look and feel of your portal to match your website and brand, we give you the ability to edit any CSS component of your public portal. Use the CSS Editor to add these changes.

Theme Design

If your graphic design staff is familiar with building custom themes for content management systems like WordPress or Shopify, they can also develop a custom theme for your REACH portal as well. You can view all the documentation for this process in our Theme Design section.

Email Templates

Email templates give you the ability to customize the look and feel of emails send to your supporters by adding your own design elements.

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