How do I check my Theme and Update to a New Theme version?

How do I check which REACH Theme I am currently using and update to a newer Theme version?

To determine which REACH Theme you are currently using:

- Log in to your REACH Account 
- Go to Settings > Themes
- Your current theme in use will show the status of Active
- Check the Original Theme Column to verify the Theme's name and version number.

If you are not currently using either the Quartz Version 2.0 or Ruby Version 2.0 Theme and would like to upgrade your Theme to take advantage of the new simplified Portal Setup And Design Options (released September 8, 2020):

- Click on the Theme Store tab at the top of the Themes page
- Click the green Use Theme button to move the new, updated theme into the Your Themes tab area.
- Note: This will not make the new Theme active, but will allow you to view it under Your Themes where you can preview the changes.
- When ready, click Active to use the updated Theme. 

You can then use the features under Settings > Portal Setup and Settings > Portal Design.  

Important Note: If you have a theme customization in place, updating to a new theme will remove the customizations.  

To watch a video showing the new portal setup and design options available with Quart Version 2.0 and Ruby Version 2.0, please visit:


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