Can a donor make an anonymous campaign donation?

Can a donor make an anonymous campaign donation? 
Available June 9th, 2020

Yes. When donating to a campaign, donors can check boxes to make their name and/or donation amount anonymous. 

Note: Anonymous donations are only available on Campaigns.

The boxes are included on the donation form page as shown below:

Admins can also add an anonymous campaign donation on behalf of a supporter. Here's how:

- Go to Donations > New Donation
- Complete the required fields
- From the Purpose dropdown, select Campaigns
- From the Campaign dropdown, select the desired Campaign
- Check 'Keep the Donor Anonymous' and/or 'Keep the Amount Anonymous'
- Click 'Save Changes'

Should a donor have already made a donation and wishes to change it to anonymous, admins can do this on their behalf by editing the campaign donation: 

- Go into the supporter's record and click on the Donations tab.
- In the Donation History table, click the blue 'Edit' icon
- On the Donation Details Edit page, you can again check one or both of the Anonymous box options (as shown below).
- Click 'Save Changes'

This will remove your donor's name and/or donation amount from the associated campaign page. 

By default, anonymous names and donations will be listed on the campaign page as "Anonymous" as shown below.

You can change this wording if desired by editing your Theme. Please contact us at should you need instructions on how to change the Anonymous donation listing. 


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