How do I update to the new Campaign page design?

How do I update to the new Campaign page design?

*To learn how to create a fundraising campaign in REACH, please see this article: REACH Campaigns.

In May 2020, we updated the look of the Campaign pages on the front-facing, public side of a REACH website. The updated page better displays Campaign information to your visitors. 

Note: Any REACH account that signed up after May 20, 2020 already has the new Campaign page view.

Here is an example of the new Campaign page:

If you are using a standard REACH Theme - Quartz or Ruby - and would like to update your existing REACH Account (created before May 20, 2020) to include the new view, follow these steps:  

Step 1: Confirm which standard REACH Theme your account is using (Quartz or Ruby).

- To view your current Theme, log into your account and go to Settings > Themes. 
- The Title column of your Active Theme will indicate the Theme you are currently using.  

Note: Your organization may have made theme updates to a standard theme. Please check before making any updates to a theme. Updates will likely affect how your current site displays Campaign information.  

Step 2: Copy the correct code into your Theme to begin using the new Campaign Page.

To update a Quartz Theme Campaign Template - click here and copy the entire code.
To update a Ruby Theme Campaign Template - click here and copy the entire code.

Step 3: Update the Campaign Template.

- Go to Settings > Themes and click Edit on your Active Theme.
- Under the Templates listing, click on the blue Edit icon to the right of Campaign. 
*NOTE: Edit Campaign (singular), not Campaigns (plural).
- Select All and Paste the copied code from Step Two to replace all code shown.
- Click the green Update Template button.

To review the change, go to a Campaign on your REACH Website to see the new view.

Important Notes: 

- If the Title of your ACTIVE Theme is not Quartz or Ruby, you may be on an older theme (for example Lattes, Ocean, Renda or Base) or you may be using a Custom Theme. 

- The updates mentioned will NOT work correctly if you are not using a standard Quartz or Ruby Theme. If you are on an older theme, you may want to consider updating to a newer Theme. You can go to the Theme Store and preview our current theme selection of Quartz and Ruby. If you would like to update to one of these standard themes, the updated Event Listing Page is already included. 

- If you are using a custom theme, please contact your theme designer for update information.  

- If you need additional assistance with your REACH Theme, we do offer site design customization. Email us to request a quote or more information. 


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