How Does a Supporter Update Their Payment Information?

A Supporter can login to their REACH account to update their payment information. The supporter can access the login by the Sign In link on the REACH website. The supporter login URL for your account is your REACH website address followed by /users/sign_in.  

For example, the REACH Demo site is:
The supporter login would be:

If a supporter does not remember their password, they can use the Reset Password button on the sign in page. They must provide the email that is on file for their supporter record. (Read: How Do I Change a Password for a Supporter?)

Once logged in, they can go to their profile and click "Change" next to their payment information:

If they have not entered payment details before, they will instead see a button with the option to add payment details for the first time:

If the new payment method is added successfully, the supporter will see the following message, and the "Current Account" information will show the new payment information:

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