How Does a Supporter Start a Fundraising Campaign?

Supporters can start their own fundraising campaigns – for a matching campaign, birthday, mission trip, etc. - directly from their supporter profile in REACH.

Supporters will need to sign in or create an account in order to start a campaign. Once they have done so, there are three places for supporters to begin creating their campaign from their profile. First, if you have not removed the link by editing your main menu, supporters can start a new campaign directly from the menu bar:

If they have not previously started a campaign, they can create one from this section of the profile page:

If they already have active campaigns, they can start another campaign by clicking "See More" next to the "Your Campaigns" section on the profile page, and then clicking the "Start a New Campaign" button on the campaigns page:

When they begin creating the campaign, supporters will have the option to choose a campaign theme to pre-fill some information. You can configure campaign themes under Settings > Campaign Themes.

Supporters can also choose not to use a theme, and fill each field individually.

They can personalize the campaign by adding main and header images, adding a description, and adding a YouTube or Vimeo link.

Once they have finished, they can click "Save Changes" to finish creating the new campaign. If your account requires admin approval for supporter campaigns, the campaign will not be posted until it has been approved by an admin.

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