How do we find our Supporter's birthday?

We'd like to send birthday wishes to our supporters during their birthday month. Is there an easy way to find when our supporter's birthdays are?

REACH has birthday filters available on our Sponsors Report and on custom supporter exports so you can easily find out when your supporters birthdays are.

To determine a supporters' birthdays:

- From your Admin Console, go to Reports
- Click on Sponsors to bring up the Sponsor Activity Report
- You can choose to enter a date range for 'Supporter Date Of Birth' or you can choose a specific month for 'Supporter Month of Birth'.  For example, if you want to search January through March birthdays, choose January 1 to March 31 on the date calendar for 'Supporter Date of Birth'.
- Scroll down and click Search to generate your list

By creating a custom Email Template or Mail Merge, you can generate emails or flyers directly in REACH to send to your supporters on your supporters on their birthday month to wish them a happy birthday.  Custom Email Templates are only available on the Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus Plans.

To learn how to build and generate mail merge and email templates to use for your birthday messages, see:

For help creating custom templates, please e-mail us. We can assist you with this through our Retainer Service

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