Themes Overview

REACH offers several different Themes, giving your organization the ability to style and design your portal.  
When editing and updating REACH Themes, a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended. 

To get started, login in to Admin Console, and then:

- Go to Settings > Themes
Located Under the REACH Portal Section

You will see a list of Themes listed here or you can create your own Theme (web design expertise required). 

*If you would like to create your own Theme, we suggest you copy a Theme already available as your base Theme and make edits as desired. This will bring in all the needed layout and partials needed for your portal. 

Click on the Title of a Theme to view the Theme and make changes to the Layout, Templates, Partials and Assets. See Themes Design Overview article. 

You can give the Theme a Title of your choosing and add a description for your reference. Be sure to click Update Theme when complete. 

The Status column will either say Active or Archived. You can have several archived Themes listed. Your Active Theme is the one you are currently using. 

You can Preview the Theme using the Preview button, Edit the Theme or Deactivate the Theme to archive it. 

- Click on the Theme Store tab. 

Here you can view all of the Themes available. As new Themes are designed, they are added here. 

Click More Details to look closer at the Theme, Preview to preview the Theme. 

Clicking Use Theme will add the Theme under the Your Themes tab. It will not activate the Theme. It will just make the Theme available to you should you want to activate it. 

To Activate the Theme, you will need to go to Your Themes tab, click on Edit next to the Theme you wish to Activate and click on the Activate Theme button. 

Quartz Version 2.0 and Ruby Version 2.0 are the newest Themes that have been added (September 2020). You can Preview these by clicking on the Preview button.

Quartz Version 2.0 is now the default REACH Theme and is automatically included for new REACH accounts (as of September 2020). To view a full demo of this Theme, visit: Additional documentation on the Quartz 2.0 Theme can also be found here:

Assistance in updating your Theme is available as a service using our Retainer Service:

For more information on using Themes, please contact us at


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