How do donors login to their REACH account?

How do donors login to their REACH account?

With REACH, donors have access to a self-service Donor Portal where they can log-in and access their own information. 

To login, they will need to go to your organization's users sign-in page, which will be similar to:

And then enter their username and password.

If your donor does not have a password or has forgotten their password, they can use the "Forgot Password?" link to set up a new password using the email address on file.  

Once logged in, they can manage their own information which may include (options vary based on organization preference):

Donor Profile
 - List Primary Email and Username
 - Include Date of Birth
 - Include a Profile Photo (will also be shown in organization's admin console to help put a face to a name)
 - About Me Section
 - Address 
 - Notes
 - Phone Number
 - Spouse's Information
 - How You Became a Supporter
 - Supporter Type
 - Choose Preferred Contact Options

 - Start, Manage and View their fundraising campaigns

 - View and Manage their Sponsorships
 - Start Conversations and Message with Sponsorships 

 - Create, View & Manage Donations 
 - Download & Print Donation Statements 

Update Payment Information and Change Password

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