Does REACH Support 3D Secure and SCA payments?

3D Secure is an extra step for credit card transactions where the donor may be asked to authenticate their credit card details by providing additional information to the credit card company before the transaction completes.

3D Secure is also the best technology at this point in time if you need to meet PSD2 SCA compliance in the European Union.

REACH supports 3D Secure 1 and 3D Secure 2 processes to meet this need for our clients.

To implement 3D Secure for your organization you will need to:

1) Verify that your payment gateway supports 3D Secure through Spreedly, our processing partner, For example, Stripe only supports 3D Secure 2 via their "Stripe Payment Intents" platform so you may need to switch payment gateway types in REACH.

2) Log in to REACH and go to Settings > Donations Setup then click the Payment Gateway tab. On this tab you can update your payment gateway information if needed, then click the box labeled "Require 3D Secure Credit Card Transactions" and click "Save Changes".

You have now enabled 3D Secure 1 and 3D Secure 2.

What does the 3D Secure donation process look like?

Depending on your payment gateway's settings and the donor's bank card company, donors may see an additional step after submitting their donation. During this step they may be asked to log in to their bank's website or some other form of authentication. Below is a simulation of

1) Donor fills in all information for the transaction on your donation page and clicks "Submit".

2) If secondary authentication is needed, they will be presented with a screen where they can complete this step.

3) After completing secondary authentication they are directed to the confirmation screen like the normal donation process.

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