How do I make a custom donation button?

Can I make a custom donation button? We'd like to have a custom button with a pre-designated donation purpose, amount and/or recurring period. 

REACH allows you to make any number of custom donation links and buttons where you can pre-designate a donation purpose, donation amount and recurring period. This custom link can be used on your website, in your email updates or in your social posts, for example. 

Our Donation Form Build simplifies the process of making these custom links. To begin: 

- Go to Settings > Donation Categories
- Click on the Customize Tab 
- Click on the Create Donation Form URL button
- Set your URL link parameters by choosing from the options available on the drop down lists. 
- Click on the Generate Link button 
- Copy the link to share on your website, in your emails, on your social posts, etc.

These URL link  parameters are only available for use with Projects, Places, Campaigns and Donation Categories. They are not available for Sponsorships, Products or Events. 

You can also do this on your own without using the custom donation builder. Here's what you need to know:

The base Donation Form URLs are listed that should be used to specify the default purpose when directing supporters to the donations page. You can use these URLs to link directly to a donation page for a specific Donation Category, Campaign, Project or Place. 

The Donation Form Parameters can be used to set other options for the donation such as Amount and Recurring Period. Multiple parameters can be used when you combine them with the & symbol.

To test the link, open a new browser window and paste into your URL bar. Your organization's donation page should load with the parameters set.  

Using the REACH Demo Site - to set up a URL Donation Link of $25 to go to the General Fund every Month, the URL would read:


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