How do I import images to my sponsorship album?

We have multiple images for each sponsorship. How do I import images and create a sponsorship album? 

If you have more than a single image for your sponsorship and plan to continually add and update your sponsorship images, we recommend our Sponsorship Album Import feature. This is great for organizations that take yearly sponsorship images and want to add and update them all at once as a bulk action. 

To create or update Albums for your Sponsorships with the import file, you will need the Sponsorship's Permalink or External ID.  

To add images to your Sponsorship's Album:
  • Upload your images to our FTP server - Information on this is listed below.
  • Download your Sponsorships by going to Reports and scrolling down to the Export section - click Sponsorships List. Open the file in Excel.
  • Download the Sponsorship Album Import Template by going to the Data Setup Module - Data Import/Export.
  • Using the Sponsorship Album Import Template - the second sheet - copy and paste the permalinks from the Sponsorship Export into the permalink column. Then fill in the image_url column(s) for your sponsorship with the information included in the FTP instructions below.  
  • Save the file as a CSV file and upload into REACH by going to the Data Setup Module - Data Import/Export. Choose the Sponsorship Album Import Type from the dropdown
We suggest you do a test import of a few rows, just to see how the process works and see the image update.  

Sponsorship Album Import Notes:
  • The Sponsorship's Permalink Or External ID is required to link the Album Image(s) to the Sponsorship
  • The Image URL placed in the image_url column will be used for the sponsorship's profile image. If a profile image already exists, it will automatically be moved to the Album. If you do not want to change the current Profile Image, do not place a URL in the image_url column.  
  • Images place in the other image columns: image_url_2, image_url_3, image_url_4, image_url_5, will be added to the Sponsorship's Album.  If an Album does not yet exist, one will be created for the Sponsorship.  
  • If a description is included in the image description column: image_url_2_description, image_url_3_description, image_url_4_description, image_url_5_description, it will be saved in the Album with the image. Example descriptions include the Year of the image, or the Place the image was taken. Descriptions are optional.  
Please note: When adding images to a Sponsorship Album manually or by the Sponsorship Album Import, a Supporter currently sponsoring a sponsorship that has a new image added/uploaded will receive an automatic email later that night that there was an update to their sponsorship with a url link to the sponsorship's page.  A supporter will not receive this email if their Contact Options have been set to No.  

FTP Information:

You can use our FTP service to upload sponsorship images to our server to be used during your Album Imports. For our FTP information, please e-mail us at

To connect your imported sponsorships with an image, you first will need to use an FTP client to import the sponsorship images into REACH.
Once you have connected with an FTP client and have uploaded a folder with your images, you can then link to the images in the sponsorship import using the file link to the image you added. REACH will then copy those images and place them with the correct sponsorship during the import.

Once you have received FTP Setup Information, you will need to upload a Folder onto the server with your images inside your folder.  

We suggest you name your folder the same as your organization. Our example is for our demo account Serve Haiti, we would create a folder named servehaiti with the images we want to upload.  

Once the images have been uploaded, in your sponsorship album import file, you can then use the following to create the link needed for the image_url column:

where folder-name is the name of the folder you uploaded (our example: servehaiti) and file-name is the name of the image file in the folder for that sponsorship (our example: girl.jpg).(our demo example image column would read):

If you need further assistance, please email our support team.


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