How do I update my Donation Form Page?

Can we modify our Donation Page? For example, can we rearrange the order of certain fields, add a header and/or a footer and add additional fields on our Donation Form?

REACH allows you to modify the appearance and order of items on your Donation Form, customizing it to your organization's unique needs and preferences. You can have multiple donation forms and can use unique share links to send your supporter's to a specified donation form. 

Please note, certain fields and items are required and are not customizable.

To modify the appearance and order of the fields on your Donation Form:

- Go to Settings > Donation Forms
- Select New Form
- On the Settings tab, give the new form a title and choose if it should be the default and/or whether you want to disable it during creation

You can use the Amount Levels tab to add pre-defined amount buttons that will fill out the amount when clicked. For example, you can set the Amount Levels to $25, $50 and $100, which will provide buttons for your donors to click on when donating.

Most of the customization options are located on the Form Elements tab. When you first create the form, this tab will be populated with the required fields as set by your Account Settings. 

You can then add any of the following additional elements:

- Notes: The Note field will allow donors to add a note to the donation that will be visible to them and admins
- Recaptcha: Add a Recaptcha to the donation form (may be required depending on your account settings)
- Date of Birth: Request the donor’s date of birth on the donation form
- Honoree: Allow the donor to designate someone as the honoree of the donation
- Shipping: Add a field for donors to enter shipping information
- Section Separator: Add a separator with optional text label
- Text Area: Add static text to the donation form

You can drag and drop any elements in the form to re-order them as desired.

On the Header Content and Footer Content tabs, you can add text that will appear above and/or below the Donation Form. For example, the Header message could contain an overview or thank you message while the Footer could contain your 501(c)3 information.

You can also add HTML to the header and footer using the Tools > Source Code dropdown menu.

On the CSS Styling tab, you can add custom CSS rules for elements of the Donation Form.

Once you have adjusted the form to meet your needs, you can save your changes.

Once created, you can use the Donation Form Share Link to link directly to the donation form you created. You can place this link on a webpage or in a social media post. Multiple forms can be created and the links are unique to each one. To obtain the share link, go to Settings > Donation Form and click the Share button next to the desired form for your Share link.

Note: You can preview the look of your re-designed for prior to activating it. To preview, leave the Default Form box on the first tab unchecked, and then click the Share button next to the new form. The first link on the pop-up window will allow you to view the form before making it the default.


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