How do I modify individual sponsorship amounts? (donor wants to give over or under amount)

I have a donor who would like to give a different amount that our set share amounts (more than the share or less than the share). How do we modify the amount per share for this donor?

A sponsorship share amount can be edited by an Admin for any amount above or below the set Sponsorship Type Share cost. Each sponsorship program must have at least one Sponsorship Type.

Note: The Sponsorship Type is where you can set the number of Shares and Cost Per Share for your Sponsorship Program. When someone goes to your REACH site and selects a Sponsorship, the Cost Per Share will be used to calculate their recurring payment.

Some supporters want to give more than the stated share amount, while other supporters may need to give less. It is up to the organization to decide case by case if the amount should be changed for a supporter. 

If you decide to change the amount:

- A sponsorship must already exist. Either the sponsorship has already been created by the supporter online or an Admin created a sponsorship for the supporter in the REACH Admin. If you need to create the sponsorship for the supporter, you can set the donation for a future date, giving you time to edit the amount before the donation goes through.

- To edit the amount, go to the Sponsorship Supporter Record. This can be done two ways.

1. Go to the Sponsorship’s Record, click on View Sponsors, and click on the Supporter’s Name

2. Or, go to the Supporter’s Record and click on the Sponsorship’s Name in the Involvement Table or by going to the Sponsorship History Tab. 

- Click on the blue Edit Sponsorship Supporter button near the top left to update the Recurring Amount

- On the Edit Screen, you can set the Total Amount for the recurring donation. 

- Be sure to click Save Changes when complete.

Note: This will effect recurring donations going forward. Donations going forward will be charged at the new amount for this individual supporter and not your set share amount.


- Past Due Amounts – Past Due amounts for your supporters will be calculated with the Total Amount as shown in the Sponsorship Supporter Record.

- For Offline Sponsorships, the Sponsor Since Date will be used along with the Total Amount shown on the record. 

- For Online Sponsorships, if the Sponsorship was converted from Legacy to Online, the conversion date along with the Total Amount shown on the record will be used. Otherwise, the Sponsor Since date along with the Total Amount will be used.

Also note that if your organization decides to update the cost per share of the overall sponsorship type going forward (not just for the individual), any recurring donation already set up will stay as is, it will not update to the new amount. The new donation amount will apply to new recurring sponsorship donations only. For existing recurring sponsorships, it is up to the organization to contact the supporter and adjust the total going forward for each supporter as needed. 


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