Can we enter in batch donations and send an email receipt?

Can we enter in batch donations?

Yes, we have an area to enter in batch donations. This is most often used when entering in check donations that have been mailed in to your organization each month; however, can be used other ways.

To manually enter in batch donations:

- Go to Donations > +New Donation
- Choose the Batch Donation tab
- Type in your supporter's name and enter in the other fields (date, purpose, payment type, check number if via check, amount and currency).
- Click on the blue Donation notes button to add a note visible to the donor or a note for admins only.
- If a supporter has multiple donations or the donation is intended to be split among various purposes, click on the +New Donation tab and enter in each donation separately.
- Click on the 'Send Email Receipt' check box to have an email receipt sent to your supporter.
- When complete, be sure to click on the green 'Create' button

A batch donation receipt can also be emailed during the batch donation entry process. This can be edited by editing the New Batch Donation email template by going to Settings > Email templates. This template is intended as an email receipt that will go out to the supporter after a batch donation entry has been completed from their donations. 


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