Int'l-Based Organizations Overview

REACH includes several international adaptations for it's internationally-based organizations.

Some examples include:

GDPR Settings
Gift Aid Option
Updating Admin Date Format

We are committed to continuing to provide adaptations as needs arise to better serve our international organizations. If you have a feature request, please let us know on our Feedback Forum


If we have two databases (one in the US and one in another country) do we need two separate REACH accounts?

It all depends on how you accept your payments. REACH does allow you to list all of your sponsorships and details on one page and then supporters can search by location. However, if you are wanting to keep donations and your transfer of funds separate, you would need to have two separate REACH accounts for this. REACH does not offer discounts on multiple accounts. 

Does REACH offer translation?

REACH is not currently being offered in any other languages. 

When a supporter views the public portal, the language is translated based on their browser settings. In regards to the admin-view in the Admin Console, admins can use a plug-in to translate such as Google Translate to in Chrome to handle the UI translation. Of course, this only works if the language is supported in Google translation. 

For moderated conversations between supporters and their sponsorships, a translate button is included. 

Can you help us determine which payment gateways will work in our country?

REACH does not provide assistance on this. All supported gateways are listed and regularly updated here:

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