Can we include Pledges on our Campaigns?

Can we include Pledges on our Campaigns?

Yes, REACH allows you to include Pledges on your Campaigns.

Your web designer will need to update your REACH Theme to include Pledge information. 

The following liquid objects are available to support this:

campaign.funded_including_pledges? Returns a true/false value for whether the campaign is fully funded including pledges
campaign.total_with_pledgesReturns the total amount raised for the campaign including pledges
campaign.complete_donations_and_pledges - Returns a collection of donations and pledges for the campaign
campaign.donors_including_pledges - Returns a collection of donors to the campaign including those that have made pledges

To add these to your Campaigns:

- Go to Settings > Themes
- Edit your Active Theme
- Next to your Campaign template, click Edit
- Add the desired liquid objects to your template
- Once complete, be sure to click Update Template

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