Transfer Supporter Payment Information into REACH

How do we transfer our supporter's payment information into REACH?

In this article, we'll go over your choices for transferring your supporter payment information into REACH.

Scenario One: Free of Charge

"We can't transfer our data." or 
"We don't want to transfer our data (too costly and/or too timely)"

- Email your supporters with on-boarding information and have your supporters add their payment information into REACH.


- Send your supporters to a donation page you have set up within REACH and have them give $1 (or any amount of your choosing). 

*This process will create an account for your supporters and provide REACH with their contact and payment information. We have had several organizations accomplish this with much success. 

**Our experience is that about 75% of donors will follow your steps after the first contact. For the remaining 25%, you will need to contact again requesting they create an account and add in their own payment information.

***As your supporters activate their accounts, go into REACH and set up their sponsorships and recurring donations. Once complete, you can go into your old system and turn off their recurring donation.

****Once you're satisfied with the number of supporters who have transferred their information into REACH, remember to cancel your previous vendor.

Scenario Two: Charges will Apply

"We would like to transfer our data from another system into REACH"

- First, it is important to leave your current donation management system functioning until this process is complete.
- If you haven't already, Import your Sponsorships, Import your SupportersImport your Donation History 

*In REACH, the sponsorships that are being processed in the old system are set up as Legacy and the recurring donations are still being processed through the old system during the transition. These donations can be entered as manual or imported all together in REACH.

- Set up your payment gateway
- Request and initiate a PCI transfer
- Start the Sponsorship Payments after a PCI Transfer 
- Cancel your previous vendor. 

Important to Note:
If at any point you decide to leave for another vendor, REACH provides a transfer to your next service provider free of charge.

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