How do I fix a recurring sponsorship that was set up incorrectly and is now showing as past due?

I am receiving a past due notification for a supporter who thought they had set up an automatic monthly donation. The system is flagging them and the donation is not being charged to their card. Can I change the recurring donation?

If a recurring sponsorship has not been set up correctly, REACH will recognize that the sponsorship is not being charged at a recurring interval and will flag the sponsorship as past due. 

This often happens if the sponsorship was set up by clicking +Donation and not set up as a sponsorship-supporter record. A good way to verify that a sponsorship has been set up correctly is to look for the View Recurring Donation and Edit Recurring Donation buttons as shown below. 

To review how to correctly set up a sponsorship, see: How do I set up a recurring sponsorship for a supporter? 

To fix this problem, you will need to take the donation offline and then back online. Here's how:

- Go to Supporters and search for the Supporter's record
- Open the Supporter's record
- Open the Sponsorship History tab
- Open the Sponsorship-Sponsor record by clicking on the Current Sponsorship's name
- Scroll down to the bottom. Under Donations, click on the orange Convert to Offline button

REACH will process this task. Once complete, a Convert to Automatic Credit/Debit Card button will appear

- Click on the Convert to Automatic Credit/Debit Card button
- Follow the process to set up the recurring donation

Once the recurring donation has been fixed and is set up correctly, you will need to decide if you are going to collect the past due amount or mark the amount as current.

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