How do I setup Sponsorship and Share Types?

How do I setup Sponsorship and Share Types?

Sponsorship types define the parameters of each different sponsorship program your organization manages. This is where you add information like how much a sponsorship costs, who is being sponsored (child, teacher, etc), and what information you want to collect and display about the sponsorship. 

Share Types is what you use if you'd like to sub-divide your shares further. For example, if you want each child to have 4 shares but you want to earmark 2 shares for the education of the child and 2 shares for the discipleship training of the child. To do this, click “Add a Share Type” twice and add those details.

To add a sponsorship type:

- Go to Sponsorships > Sponsorship Types
- Click +New Sponsorship Type
- Fill out the Various Fields
- Add a Share Type, if desired
- Add your Cost Per Share
- The recurring period defaults to monthly. If on your donation page, you'd like to include the recurring options of quarterly, bi-annually and/or yearly, click on the corresponding check boxes
- You can choose to allow one-time donations and/or campaigns
- Once complete, click Create

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