How do we setup our Online Donations?

We are ready to start accepting donations. How do we set this up?

To set up your online donations:

- Go to Settings > Donation Setup

If you would like to ask your supporters to help cover the cost of your organization's credit card processing fees:

- Add a Percentage Amount and Flat Amount - this is the percent of a donation and any flat amount you choose

For example, if you choose 2.9% and $0.30, there will be a check box on your donation page that will say "Add 2.9% and $0.30 to help cover Your Organization Name's transaction fees?"

- Under Supporter Donation Options, review your options and select or deselect the various checkboxes
- Write your Donation Thank You Message 
- Click Save Changes

Open the Currency tab

- Choose your base currency

Open the Credit Card Setup tab

- Check the boxes for the credit cards that your payment gateway supports

Open the Payment Gateway tab

- Select your Payment Gateway
- Follow the Setup Instructions to enter in the credentials
- Click on Save Changes

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