How is the Past Due amount calculated for yearly donations?

How is Past Due amount calculated for supporters that donate yearly? 

In regards to yearly donations, if a sponsorship is marked as Yearly with offline payments, the calculation will work the same way as other past due payments. 

The system will look at the Sponsor Since Date and calculate monthly what should have been received to date. If a yearly payment has been made and recorded, the system will not mark the sponsorship as past due until the total given (yearly total) is less than what is expected monthly.  

For example - if a sponsorship is $10 a month and a supporter pays $120 in January for the yearly recurring period, each month the Total Given will update as follows:

In Jan: Total Given $120.00 ($10 Expected to Date)
In Feb: Total Given $120.00 ($20 Expected to Date) ...

To keep an offline sponsorship from being marked as Past Due every month, make sure you have entered the last payment received.  Or, you can update the Sponsor Since date if needed.  

For example, if a supporter made a payment in 2016, 2017, and/or 2018, you can add the donation to the record. If you click Mark As Current, the past due of $1,050 will be skipped, but next month they will show as past due by $35. You can update the record by clicking the blue Edit Sponsorship Supporter button to change the recurring period from Monthly to Yearly.  

Supporters are automatically notified by REACH 7-days prior to the donation being processed for yearly recurring donations. 

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