How do we customize our email and mail merge templates?

We'd like to customize our email templates. How do we do this?  

The ability to customize your email and mail merge templates are only available on our Pro Plus, Pro and Essentials plans. We recommend you review all your templates and add information needed to represent your organization such as your logo. 

To view a video that will walk you through this, visit:

Mail Merge Templates are used to create a number of documents including custom donation receipts, contribution statements, sponsorship flyers, address labels and more.  

Email Templates are used by REACH when emailing your supporters on your behalf. Emails are sent using one of our email templates based on supporter interaction with REACH. For a complete list of what emails are sent and when, see the article "What is each email template used for?"

To create/edit your Mail Merge Templates:

- Go to Settings > Mail Merge templates
- Under Example Templates, click Copy to copy and edit an example template
- Click on +New Template, to create your own template
- Click Edit and use the editor to add images and text 
- Use the Insert Field button to add information about the sponsorship, donation, account, or supporter
- The information will be auto generated when the mail merge is created. 
- When complete, hit Save Changes

Note: Mail merge is available in Reports. 

To create/edit your Email Templates:

- Go to Settings > Email Templates
- If this is your first time viewing your Email Templates, you may need to click a Generate Email button for the templates to appear.  
- To edit your template, click the blue Edit icon.  
- Similar to the Mail Merge Templates, you can use the editor to add images and text 
- Use the Insert Field to add information about the account, supporter and other information
- When complete, hit Save Changes
- Next to the title of the template, you can click on the Preview icon to preview the template 

Need help? 

Customizing your templates is a popular option that we offer under our Retainer Services. To learn more about our Retainer Services, visit:

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