How do I resolve duplicate records?

We have some records that include the same information. How can I resolve these duplicates?

REACH requires a primary email for each supporter. Duplicate entries can not be made when the email address given is one already in the system. However, a supporter can be duplicated if a different email address is used to sign up.

Supporter information is checked by address and phone number. If any suspected duplicates exist, the supporter’s information will be listed.

To check for and resolve duplicates:

- Go to Supporters > click on Supporters
- Click on the yellow 'Resolve Duplicates' button
- A list of potential duplicates will populate
- You'll see a 'Supporter' column and a 'Duplicates Found' column
- To merge process will move all donations, sponsorships, campaigns, etc. for the record listed in the 'Duplicate Found' column into the record listed in the 'Supporter' column.
- Check the box next to Merge and then hit the Submit button to merge the accounts
- The ignore process will hide the duplicate listing.

Note: These actions can not be undone.

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