How do I set up our online store to sell our products?

We have some products we'd like to sell. How do we set them up in our online store?

REACH allows you to sell your t-shirts, mugs, hats or other items using our Products module. You can create and manage your own online store that ties directly into your supporter's records. 

You can sell unlimited products with unlimited variants per product (color, size, etc.), add photos and videos to your items, separate them into taxable and tax-deductible pricing, set your inventory amount and include a flat rate cost per item to ship. 

They can be associated with your fundraising campaigns and disabled to not be shown on your public pages, if desired.

Here's how:

- Go to Products on the left-hand side of your Admin Console
- Click +Add A Product
- Enter in your product information (Title, Price, Owner to associate with a campaign, Check if you want to Disable, Inventory amount, Taxable or not, Shipping Required, Shipping Cost) and upload your product image.
- Add your Variants
*For example if you are selling shirts, you can produce one dropdown selection for Shirts with a size and color for each choice, meaning your Variants would be Red Large, Red Medium, Red Small, Blue Large, Blue Medium, Blue Small and so on. Or you could separate by color and then create your variants by size. For example, Green Shirt and variants would be Large, Medium, Small.
- Add your Description in the text box field
- Add Categories (optional)
*Categories are for your menu listing. If you're selling multiple products, under the Products menu section on your page, you can list separate categories to organize them. For example, a Products menu could look like:

- Clothing
- Books
- Coffee Mugs

Clothing, Books and Coffee Mugs are your categories and then the supporter can click on each one to have a listing of the various clothing, books or coffee mugs you have for sale.
To Remove a category, go to Settings > Account Settings > Data Categories.

- Be sure to click 'Save Changes' when complete

Products will be available at your REACH website address, /products. You will need to add this link to your main menu or elsewhere in your menu in order for the Products page to be accessible to your supporters. Here's how to update your menu.


- Orders will be shown on the Orders tab and will include date, supporter name, confirmation number, total items and cost. 

- The Details button gives you more information on each order.

- You can also Archive orders (when you're finished selling a particular product, for example) by hitting the Archive button. Any archived orders will still be viewable in the Archived Orders tab. 

- You can select products and product variants when building a new donation record in the Admin Console.

- You can also search, sort and export donation reports with the purpose of products or product variants.

- Admins will be notified of new product orders, including the order information and shipping address in the email. (Admins must have access to Products under Settings > Admin Users > Permissions to receive these notifications.)

- When placing an order, the cart can be edited with products and product variants.


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