Does REACH offer in-kind donations, soft credits, matching gifts?

Can we mark a donation as a corporate matching donation (in-kind donation, soft credit) and link it to its corresponding donation in the supporter's record? 

Yes, REACH does allow this. You will see it on donation details as Soft Credits. This allows you to give a supporter credit for a donation that another person or company makes. It's a great way to track who gives to your organization and develop relationships with those prospective donors. 

As an example, say a supporters works for a company with a matching gift program. This supporter donates $100 and then the company matches their donation, adding another $100 donation to your organization. Soft credits would be used to tie your donor to the donation from the company. Here's how:

- Go to Supporters > Find and click on your Supporter
- Click +Donation
- Enter in donation details (amount, payment, type)
- Click on Add Soft Credit and enter in the company/person name who matched the gift and then the amount
- If more than one was needed for a donation, simply click the Add Soft Credit button again
- Click Save when complete

To analyze the Soft Credits in your database, you can run a Soft Credit Report. To generate a Soft Credit Report:
- Go to Reports > Soft Credit Details
- Adjust the parameters for your report to obtain the information you desire

A few things to note:

*It's a great way to loosely tie a supporter to a donation and great for record keeping and reporting.
*Soft credits are not included on donation statements, contribution statements or tax documentation
*When a supporter is tied to the donation as a soft credit, the default percentage of credit it 100%. Admins can adjust this percentage. The total percentage tied to the donation should not exceed 100%.

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