Why can't I update my supporter's information without getting an error message?

I am trying to update my supporter's contact information and I keep receiving an error message that the contact method cannot be blank. How can I fix this?

This is likely because there is some miscellaneous information stored in their contact methods that could happen during an import or update. Here's how to check:

- Go to Supporters and find your Supporter's record
- Click on the Contact Methods tab
- We'd suggest first looking at the Phone Number and Email fields. 

If you see a Phone Number listed as 'tel:' without a number, this could be the cause. Click on the red 'Delete' icon to the right to remove the info. 

Also, check any email addresses listed while in the Contact Methods tab to ensure they are correct. 

Once removed or corrected, you should be able to Edit the supporter's contact information without error. 

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